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The SOAP Group
creative. culture. sustainability.

I’m an independent consultant that builds and manages teams* for projects with cultural and environmental significance.

*think Rock and Roll supergroup


The Model. 

The right team.  ONLY When you need it. 

I’ve been working at the intersection of creative and sustainability services for over 20 years.  I have a vast network of experts to pull from.  I build teams from this deep bench to deliver results as efficiently and successfully as possible.  This model is cheaper, more creative, and more effective than traditional consulting models.

We’ve been called the “Ocean’s Eleven” of sustainability consulting. If you have a project that is withering, stuck, or just too far down your to do list, we’ll take it. The thornier and harier the better.

We work internationally, but are based in Portland, Maine.

Our niche is making impact.


Sustainability Services. 

We have authored sustainability reports, completed complicated carbon accounting projects, developed sustainability plans, audited supply chains, managed stakeholder engagements, and helped engage employees around the world. 

My favorite projects include the human side of sustainability, and helping to align corporate culture with sustainability goals. Ask me about our Authenticity Audits.


Six Projects. 

ONE. Interface Global18-month global employee engagement research project resulting in sustainability engagement strategy.

TWO. Clif BarStakeholder work to develop a self-replicating employee volunteer program.

THREE.  Daimler ChryslerSourcing and employee training for environmental compliance software platform.

FOUR. Subaru of AmericaDealer-focused sustainability software pilot.

FIVE. VANS (VF Corp.) – Culturally-appropriate sustainability strategy development, employee workshops, C-suite engagement.

SIX. Wicked Joe’s Organic Coffee – B Corp Certification (and 2 year recertification with score improvement), including corporate policy development.



It’s a wonky portmanteau.  It’s a wonky read.

If you have ever wondered about how pop culture influences consumer perceptions of sustainability you should read EcoHegemony – Pop Culture’s Influence on Sustainability. Or Vice Versa. (75 pages)

Download a free copy here.





WE have launched products for major brands, developed multi-year communication strategies, conceived of and run off- and on-line events, developed software and custom apps, and managed promotions.

Most of our projects have one or two things in common – a positive impact on culture and/or the environment.



ONE. The World Bank Branding and design for Leadership Development Training program in emerging economies.

TWO. The Ecology SchoolMarketing plan development for sustainability education campus (Living Building Community).

THREE. Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers AssociationApp development and documentary films supporting internal operations and the lumber industry.

FOUR. 526 Media GroupCorporate branding, web development for American bedrock infrastructure industries.

FIVE. NBC UniversalWeb comedy series (Preachy Green) for NBC’s Green is Universal Earth Day Week celebration.

SIX. BigFix Inc.Energy management software promotion using a fictional eco-activist group, the Carbon Free Radicals.




More Than Promote

Promotions that market your greenness are cool. Promotions that have a positive social and environmental impact are even cooler (and more successful). This book includes case studies of promotions that succeeded and failed miserably at just that. It’s a guidebook for your next marketing campaign. 

“John Rooks’ More Than Promote represents a totally fresh take on marketing. One with the potential to elevate marketing, marketers, and sustainable marketing in one fell swoop.”

—Jacquelyn Ottman, founder and president, J. Ottman Consulting and Author, The New Rules of Green Marketing

Download your Free PDF book here. (215 pages)


My name is John Rooks. 

I started the SOAP Group in 2003.  SOAP stands for Sustainable Organization Advocacy Partners. My teams have helped launch brands, and measure then mitigate the impact of some of most progressive companies on the planet. 

I have a master’s degree in cultural studies, and have worked in advertising and environmental consulting.  I started a software firm to help SMEs measure their environmental footprint. Everyone has a TedTalk and so do I. I am a CF-L1 and CF weightlifting certified coach.

If you are curious about our model, or have an idea for a project, email me:





  • Sustainable Brands

  • GreenBiz

  • SxSw

  • Green Stages (Italy)

  • Center for Sustainable Design (UK)

  • Fourteenth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability (Cairns, Australia)

  • Boston College Center for Corporate Sustainability

  • HR Southwest

  • University of Hawaii

  • Maine College of Art



Wheelhouse topics

  • Culture and Sustainability   

  • Language and Sustainability

  • Zombie Consumerism

  • Employee Engagement

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Measuring Authenticity

  • Trends in Sustainability Reporting

  • Sustainability Careers

  • Behavior Change

  • Green Marketing/Cause Marketing

  • Corporate Culture and Sustainability

Featured Topic:

From Soylent Green to Sharknado: Sustainability in Pop-Culture - a 50 Year Retrospective.