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We take a limited number of engagements each year. And we crush them because we love them.


Here are some samples of what we have been able to accomplish with this approach.

First and foremost, we approach the possibilities and problems of marketing and sustainability from a cultural perspective.  Here is a quick video that describes our approach:  

SOAP lead an eighteen-month research project exploring global perceptions of sustainability of 4,000 employees at 8 factories in 6 countries.  The project results in the design and development of a global employee engagement platform. Throughout this project we produced a series of short documentary films called I Am Mission Zero.  Today, Interface has moved from a mission of zero negative environmental impact to becoming a restorative company via their Climate Take Back inititive.

SOAP helped architect a “self-replicating” employee volunteer program in concert with Annie’s, Eileen Fischer, Timberland, Seventh Generation and other amazing companies.  Work included the facilitation of in-person and virtual workshops, as well as the architecture of a strategic plan.

We helped VANS in a pinch with a four-month engagement working with employees to build a ground-up model of sustainability and sustainability reporting authentic to VANS.  This speedy project also included VP-level facilitation to secured commitments from senior staff, and to create an accountability platform which included integrating sustainability with performance metrics for the company.  A self-defined “irreverent culture,” our approach demanded authenticity.

To help The World Bank reach its goals of ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity, we provided the branding and design for a new leadership academy for developing economies.  This "Train the Leader" program was designed to help facilitate deep community engagement on local issues with regional/global impact.

In the midst of 400% growth, we helped Baxter keep their eye on sustainability.  This included strategic planning, employee engagement, visibility strategies,  waste reductions plans (now 95%+ waste diversion rate).  Baxter was the first customer to utilize our sustainability management software, Rapport.  We made a video about for NBC Universal.  Here it is.  

Our relationship with NELMA spans nearly two decades.  Over those years we have developed interactive apps, websites, custom publications, trade shows and managed NELMA's social media.  Most recently, we conceived of and continue to manage  an emerging architect design competition which includes the design of buildings which integrate sustainable design elements and the use of sustainable eastern white pine and other sustainably harvested timber.

We helped ISC launch EHS+, a multinational environmental health and training academy for the Fortune 100's oversea supply chains.  This project included discovery interviews with Procurement Leaders, Factory Managers and EHS training professionals.