Sudden SD

Sudden SD (sustainability director)

Sudden SD clients share the following similarities:

  • An interest in sustainability
  • A list of things that can be called sustainability that they do not talk about
  • An internal “owner” of sustainability who has too many other responsibilities
  • In idea of a first project, but no strategy or management structure around that project
  • An appetite for more, but a sense of being stuck

Sudden SD offers the following:

8 to 12 week on and offsite hired gun sustainability director to accomplish the following:

  • identify and prioritize risk (reputation, supply chain disruption) and opportunity (efficiencies, overhead reduction, revenue, margin(
  • build strategies and projects
  • assemble project teams, milestones, and outcomes
  • connect departments on projects
  • unstick and co-manage projects
  • defined set of deliverables at the end of the project

Fees are designed based on need.  If this sounds like you, fill out the form below.


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